Individual Advocacy

Through our holistic approach to individual representation, CLC identifies factors which place our clients most at risk and which contribute to the legal issues which bring them through our doors. Many of our clients have experienced poverty, childhood maltreatment and/or trauma, lack of stable supports in family/community andinequitable treatment as a result of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Frequently,  they are involved in:

  •  Juvenile or Criminal Justice system (due process, incarceration issues, civil rights)
  •  Family Court (protection from harm, custody)
  •  Child Welfare system (homelessness, lack access to education and other services)
  •  Child Victims (legal representation in criminal proceedings and family court matters in which  the child is the victim/witness)
  •  Mental Health system (unmet mental health needs)
  •  Education systems which do not meet needs (enrollment, attendance, disability rights,  discipline)
  •  Youth in Transition (helping youth transition back into their communities after being in out  of home placements)

CLC lawyers ensure that fundamental rights are upheld, while also working toward positive life outcomes that can improve economic stability, achieve mental & physical wellbeing, further education, and connect youth with family/community. Ultimately, helping youth advocate for their own needs can help them better transition intoadulthood.