Priority Outcomes for Children

  1. Youth in the juvenile justice system should receive fair and equitable treatment with due process rights afforded to them at every stage, access to quality representation, and individualized strength-based services provided in the least restrictive environment. As such, the Center strives to eliminate the unnecessary incarceration of children and the creation of more humane and effective alternatives in local communities, and promotes access to effective legal representation throughout the youth’s experience in the system.

  2. All children and youth should be afforded a safe, permanent home using a continuum of services and the least restrictive alternative appropriate to meet their needs. As such, the Center strives to ensure that youth in need of protection have access to quality legal representation to ensure their interests are protected throughout the process, and that their express wishes are heard.

  3. All children are entitled to obtain a free and appropriate public education. The Center strives to ensure access to education regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or disability, and promotes educational programming which is strength based and provides appropriate developmental, social, behavioral and academic supports.