Children's Law Center Celebrates 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Logo HIGH QUALITY.png

Children’s Law Center, Inc. (CLC), a non-profit legal service center protecting the rights of children and youth, kicks off its 30th anniversary celebration in May 2019. Since 1989, CLC has become a locally and nationally recognized youth advocacy organization in the legal community for its work on juvenile justice, education, and on behalf of children in need of protection. CLC will commemorate this milestone with a number of public education and promotional events throughout the year.

CLC helps children and youth to overcome barriers and transition into adulthood, better advocate for their own needs, and successfully contribute to society. It provides individual legal advocacy for its young clients, and through public policy work, training and education, impact litigation, and juvenile defender support services, seeks to improve the systems that serve children and youth. CLC offers services throughout Kentucky and Ohio, collaborates with other organizations in the region (and nationally) on a variety of issues, and does not charge any fees to receive services.

“Although much has changed since 1989, our core mission to protect the rights of children and youth remains the same,” said CLC Executive Director Acena Beck. “Our advocacy and holistic representation throughout the past 30 years has made a positive impact on systems that serve children.”

CLC was founded in May of 1989 by its former Executive Director, Kim Brooks Tandy. Since its inception, CLC has provided free direct legal representation to thousands of children and youth, with an average of over 500 clients per year over the last five years.

“The Children’s Law Center has advocated on behalf of children and their families for several decades” said CLC Board President Jennifer Lawrence. “Making a difference to impact the future lives of children is the aim of CLC’s advocacy work.”

To celebrate CLC’s longevity and success, as well as the benefits it has brought to children and youth in Kentucky and Ohio, CLC will raffle off two bottles of Van Winkle bourbon (one 10-year and one 12-year) donated by Party Town in Florence.

CLC will also launch a sustaining donor program. If you are interested in becoming a sustaining donor or would like more information about CLC, please contact the Executive Director, Acena Beck, at 859-431-3313 or